GEO Domain Name Generator and Availability Checker Tool

Generate and Check Available GEO Domain Name for Your Specific Niche or Service

GEO Domain Name Generator and Availability Checker


What is GEO Domain Names Generator and Availability Checker Tool?

Simply, It is the Simplest and The Best Alternative To The Other Paid Domain Names Generator Tools.

  • It's 100% FREE
  • It Shows Area Population
  • It Shows GoDaddy Appraisal
  • It's Very Simple
  • It's Highly accurate

GEO Domain Names Generator and Availability Checker Tool is free and simple online GEO Domains Generator that generate a list of GEO cities plus your keyword or any topic, phrase or niche you entered.
The generated GEO domain names are sorted based on population.
Then It will show you GEO location population, GoDaddy Appraisal, domain name availability for each domain name generated to help you choose the best GEO domain and get more organic traffic from search engines, find the high appraised domain from GoDaddy.

What is GEO-Domain?

The term geodomain refers to domain names that are spelled exactly the same as geographic locations, such as cities and countries. They are unrelated to the ccTLDs such as the .fr .us country code domains. Examples of geodomains are,, and Since geographic names are limited in number and have good name recognition, geo-domains have value, with the .com extension being the most popular. Geodomains tend to provide a virtual representation of the places they serve - for example, is heavily focused on tourism, while and have more local content. Collectively, it's estimated that geo-domains account for about $500+ million a year in gross hotel bookings alone.

How to sell a domain name?

There are different ways to sell a domain name. For example, you can place a notice directly on the homepage of your domain name: a kind of “for sale” sign, so to speak. Interested parties can then contact you directly to discuss the sale of the domain name. Some domain name traders (known as “  domainers  ”) are successful on eBay. The auction platform indeed offers an optimal sales space for this. If you decide to trade domain names on eBay, the principle is the same as for the other products on the platform.

But there are also sites you can use specifically to buy and sell domain names. Platforms like Sedo or Flippa offer marketplaces where you can offer your domain. If you want to do domain name trading, which means not only selling an unused domain but also looking for valuable domains in order to resell them later; these platforms are very important.

Enter your information: the Whois register

In principle, each owner of a domain must provide their contact details in Whois. This is a registry entry that, by default, is publicly accessible. Since the Whois entries that can be viewed are not only questionable under data protection law, but also regularly cause spam attacks, this information is often kept secret. But that’s not the case with domain name trading: if you want to sell your domain name as lucratively as possible, you need to make your contact details visible. Interested buyers, for example traders, can then easily contact you.

List of domain names

If you have chosen a platform on which you want to offer your domain name, then you will need to create an entry. Just like with other sales, there are a few rules to follow: if you just mention the domain name and its price, you probably won’t attract a lot of customers. It’s not attractive enough. If you provide additional information, however, you will be more likely to persuade interested parties to complete their purchase.

At first glance, it seems absurd, but a domain can also have a product description. For example, insert information on the ranking of the domain name and specify for which sector the URL it may be suitable for. Even an image can be inserted: a graphic treatment of your domain name or a screenshot of your old site can entice visitors to take a closer look at your offer. If possible, you can also take a closer look at the current or future value of the domain and justify an asking price.

Domain name payment

On many marketplaces, you can choose between two methods: you can specify a fixed price or opt for an auction. Both have their advantages: a fixed price is more attractive to many buyers because they know what they are getting into right away. But many sellers prefer auctions because they think they can get better deals. With auctions, you can indeed hope that the sale exceeds your expectations if your domain name has potential.

You should also think about the concrete payment process because selling a domain works differently than buying clothes on the Internet. It is necessary for you as for the buyer to have guarantees. Many marketplaces therefore offer a service to act as an intermediary. If you do not sell your domain on a marketplace, it is recommended that you still use intermediary services so that there is no dispute afterward.

Domain name transfer

Once you’ve sold your domain name, you need to transfer it to the buyer. However, how this process works depends on your domain name provider, as this is also where access rights are managed. Finally, the new owner will be registered in the register, and the sale will thus be concluded. If you have sold your domain name via a specialized marketplace, the latter will in principle assist you in carrying out the transfer of the domain name.